Why Set Goals?

In today’s world of work, you need to take charge of your own career.

Here are some reasons why being in charge of your career will benefit you.

Advantages to the New World of Work
You Relate to Others as Equals: There is more of a “team” mindset in the work place. Supervisors’ roles have changed from "parent" to "coach.” You joined the team voluntarily and can leave any time. You also know that an employer can ask you to leave at any time. 
You Find Greater Joy in Work: You can choose work that you find interesting. Why not do what you love? 
You Keep Growing: To keep growing, you need to expand your skills and add to your knowledge. You need to build relationships with coworkers and others in your field. You must be flexible and able to adapt to changes in your work. You must be able to transfer your skills to different types of work.
You Get to Define Yourself: Telling your story using your skills puts you in charge of your career. You can say, “I am good with my hands and I’ve put my skills to use in the past four years in painting houses.” You have more options than saying “I was a painter.”