Find Job Openings

Employers look favorably on job seekers who know about them. They also like job seekers who know why they are a good fit. Think about the type of job you really want and go after it using your Job Search Target (pdf).

Now, spend time researching employers. How do you know which employers to research? There are two ways. One is by finding advertised job leads. The other is searching the hidden job market by using the contacts in your network.

Here are some ways to find job leads. Once you find job leads, make sure you research each employer. See Research Employers before you apply. Then, contact employers directly.

Find Advertised Jobs:

  1. Employers’ Websites
    Most employers post their job openings online. You can look at company websites and learn about the company before you apply. 
  2. Job Boards or Job Banks: These are websites that post job openings.

    The Career Center at Jewish Community Services offers a job board. We also have links to common job banks and online career resources.
    If you have a LinkedIn account, use LinkedIn’s job board since you can see if you have any connections at the employer. Go to LinkedIn and click on Jobs.

    Your state has a job bank with jobs from all types of employers. 

    Many industries or professional associations have job banks. Ask your career coach to help you find these industry-specific job banks. 

  3. Recruiting/Staffing Agencies:
    These employment agencies find short-term and contract positions. If interested, ask your career coach about these agencies. 

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