Create Cover Letters

A cover letter is a letter that you often send to the employer with your resume. The cover letter makes your resume more personal, and is targeted to a job lead and employer. This shows the employer that you read and understood the job description and gives the employer key points about why you are the right person for that job.

Parts of a Cover Letter

Heading and greeting
Every cover letter (pdf) needs the date. List your name and how to contact you. Address the letter to a specific person when possible.  

Opening and introduction
Explain who you are and why you are writing. Tell them how you found out about the position.

Sell yourself. Reveal why you are a perfect and unique match for the position. Explain why you have chosen the employer. No more than 2 short paragraphs.

Assertive closing
Be positive. Tell them that you will contact them and thank them for their time. 

When you apply for jobs, you will be asked for references. They are people who can talk about your skills and work history. Choose your references carefully. You want people who will say good things about you. Make sure to ask your references for permission to list them and tell them if they may be contacted by a potential employer. You will need to list their names and contact information.

Online Cover Letter & References Resources

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